Dioxide Materials: Materials For Carbon Dioxide Sensing And Remediation


Rich Masel, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Rich Masel

Professor Rich Masel is Dioxide Materials' Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Rich Retired from the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at the University Of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in June 2010 after being on the faculty for 32 years. He has a distinguished publication record with over 250 peer reviewed journal publications, 400 conference papers, two textbooks, 22 issued patents and has multiple patents pending. Rich has an h-index of 50 and is listed in Science Watch as among the most cited in engineering for 1999-2009. A list of Rich's publications can be found here

Prior to founding Dioxide Materials, Rich helped found Tekion, a developer of fuel cells for portable electronics and Cbana Laboratories a homeland security company. Both are now independent companies with professional management. Both are now independent companies with professional management. Rich played a key role in each company in four ways: leading initial technology development; developing Fortune 500 partners; helping to hire management and fundraising. These two companies raised approximately $5 million of grant funding and about $30 million of VC and Angel financing. From 1996-1999 Rich was CEO of Masel Industries launching hundreds of new products and leading to the acquisition of Masel Industries by a major customer.

Mike Yoder, Operations Manager

Mike Yoder

Mike Yoder serves as Operations Manager. He has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and operations management. Most recently he managed manufacturing operations for iCyt Mission Technology-a biotechnology company that designs and manufactures high end cell analysis and sorting instrumentation. He has experience working on multiple products from initial design and prototyping to commercial release and production, including sophisticated research and analysis instruments.

Megan Atchley, Business Development Specialist

Megan Atchley

Megan Atchley serves as Business Development Specialist. She has worked for two previous startups and has a proven track record of identifying and interacting with potential customers in the value chain to test and validate value propositions, learn of pain points and needs, and define product/market fit. Megan is also fluent in Spanish, and is co-founder of Illini for Kids-a nonprofit focused on solving community problems through an entrepreneurial lens.

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