Dioxide Materials: Materials For Carbon Dioxide Sensing And Remediation

Energy Efficient CO2 Recycling to High Value Fuels and Chemicals

Dioxide Materials is creating a new chemical value chain using carbon dioxide and renewable energy (instead of oil and gas) as a feedstock for the synthesis of high value fuels and chemicals.


  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced use of fossil fuels.
  • Path to renewable fuels and chemicals.
  • Potential to consume millions of tons of CO2
  • Allows CO2 "sequestration" where local geology is unsuitable for underground storage.

Dioxide Materials' process uses an electrolyzer to convert CO2 into C1 building blocks. Subsequent chemical processes convert the C1 building blocks into high value fuels and chemicals. Dioxide Materials' patent pending catalysts lower the cost of converting carbon dioxide into C1 building blocks by a factor of 3. Dioxide materials also has patent pending processes to convert the C1 building blocks into high value chemicals , creating the first cost-competitive route to large volume, renewable fuels and chemicals.

The goal is to develop a new industry where waste carbon dioxide from power plants is used as a feedstock to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jetfuel, and industrial chemicals- reducing the U.S.'s dependence for imported oil, creating thousands of U.S. jobs while significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

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